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Google Earth is the one to use now!
Download USAPhotoMaps
Creates scrollable/zoomable aerial photo and topo maps from data that it downloads from Microsoft's TerraServer Web site. Latitude/longitude at the cursor is shown. Waypoints can be displayed and transferred to/from most GPSs. Routes can be created, displayed and transferred to/from most GPSs. GPS tracks can be transferred and displayed. GPS position can be displayed. Text can be overlaid. And much more.
A site with instructions for USAPhoto Maps
Download TOPOFusion
GPS Mapping software for Windows. It downloads maps (Topo and Aerial Photo) automatically from Microsoft's TerraServer and stores them on the hard drive. This progran has a nice form of tracks playback.
Download SoarCast
 Soarcast is a computer program that reads an atmospheric sounding file and displays the results on a Stüve diagram along with a forecast of the soaring conditions. It supports several different file format including NOAA FSL, University of Wyoming and the format used by the Kevin Ford sounding web site.

Get sounding data here

GPS Software
GPSBabelGUI - Converts waypoints, tracks, and routes from one format to another
IGC to Google Earth - Web site to convert IGC file to Google Earth
SeeYou - Flight planning and analysis software
CompeGPS - GPS mapping, tracking and routing analysis software
Software that works with images and videos
Create great Slide Shows
Convert between different Video types
Proshow Xilisoft
Convert Video to Flash
Manage, Edit, Convert & add Special Effects to your Images Images
SWiSH adcsee
Soaring Computer Programs main page CLICK HERE  discover several cool programs at this site.

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